Beautiful Nebraska Senior Photography Locations

high school senior photography location on a gravel road

When preparing for your Nebraska Senior Photography, one of the most important decisions to consider beforehand are the locations on where senior pictures will take place. These options definitely depend a lot on photographers preference and even your budget. The location or background of the pictures can change the vibe of the senior session significantly and should not be decided on last minute. The chosen outfits should be paired with each location in order to create the most magical images to celebrate the senior!

Beautiful Nebraska Senior Photography Locations

Parking Garage/Downtown

Some of the most trendy and unique locations can be found in areas where you’re not even looking. For example, on top of a parking garage in Grand Island, Nebraska is a perfect location for senior pictures. This spot gives the perfect urban but not “busy” location in an easy to access location. There are plenty of ways to move around the location to get diverse and unique images while still focusing on the seniors beauty and personality. Downtown Grand Island, Nebraska has a great parking garage that is not typically busy after 6pm and adds great variety to their senior pictures. Any senior wanting a little more urban vibe, make sure downtown locations like this parking garage are on your list.

senior posing in grand island while wearing a trendy outfit

Football field (sports area)

If your senior is into sports of any kind it is so important and special to have senior pictures taken at those locations. In the not far future, the senior will play their last football game, throw their last softball pitch, or even run their last track meet. For the most part these seniors have dedicated YEARS to the sport and it’s been such a large part of their high school career. I am a big fan of incorporating all of their sports/activities and interests into their senior pictures. Being able to have pictures taken on their home field/area just makes them that much better. Any students that play sports or really want to incorporate their school into their pictures somehow, this is perfect for you!

nebraska senior photography taken at a football field

Gravel Roads in Nebraska

If you’re looking for a classic Nebraskan background, there is nothing better than a gravel road. The gravel (specifically white rock, if possible) makes for a great addition into the photos since it will reflect some light onto the seniors face to eliminate some of the shadows. It makes it even more special if they want images on a road near their house or a road they travel frequently. The parallel sides of the gravel, sunset, neutral tones really make the images turn out lovely. Any senior wanting a little “country/western” vibe, this is a perfect location.

nebraska high school senior posing on a gravel road

Family Farm/Homestead

Very few things are more special than a Nebraska family farm. If the senior is involved in their families operation in any aspect; raising cattle for 4H, participates in FFA, etc. the chances are taking pictures at their family farm should be a high priority. This is a great location for seniors to feel “at home” because they literally are. This is the perfect Nebraska senior photography spot to snag a picture with mom/dad or takes pictures with their animals. That could be dogs, cattle, pigs, horses, etc. incorporated into their senior pictures. (Double check that your photographer is comfortable and willing to do this- not everyone is, but I sure am!)

high school senior posing at their family farm for pictures



By taking pictures near the water or sandy area, this adds great dimension to your senior pictures. This allows for a unique spot to have an outfit change and to have some fun. If the high school senior is wanting to get in the water, great! If they’re wanting to sit in the sand or grasses, perfect! If they’re just wanting a change in scenery without having to go too far, wonderful! Nebraska has a lot of great rivers and areas to enjoy the beach-like atmosphere. St. Paul, Nebraska has a recreation area to the south of town that offers decent parking, a nice trail, and wonderful sandy area. Although it’s a small hike, this location is SO much fun and offers such a variety of spots and gives the feeling of a spot away from “rural Nebraska”.

nebraska senior sitting in the sand by the water

Tall Grass Area

One of the most beautiful spots that you can find pretty much anywhere is a Tall Grass Area. When you take photographs in front of a tall grass area, these photos always turn out wonderfully. I love the way the earth tones just work so well together to really accent the high school senior’s beauty. You can find tall grass a lot of times near gravel roads which make pairing these spots together so simple and easy. It’s definitely a favorite of mine and works well with all types of outfits too.

nebraska senior photography in st paul with a senior in some tall grass

Nebraska Senior Photography Locations

Overall there are so many different options when you’re thinking about locations for Nebraska senior photography.  Above I have listed just a few of the locations that I personally love and photography often that fit several different styles, areas, etc. Nebraska is lucky to have these options centrally located. I am always up for an adventure and love finding new hidden gems. Before summer starts, I take a few days to just go location scouting in central Nebraska.

I strive to make YOUR senior session about YOU and am willing to travel to various locations to help your vision and vibe come to life. If you’re looking to go to take senior portraits at a rodeo arena, golf course, cool mural downtown, library, coffee shop, corn field, weight room, etc. please reach out to me about how we can make your dream come to life!!

high school senior boy golfing with pretty sky behind him

Are you ready for more Nebraska Senior content? Then check out our website for more information! After that, my senior portfolio is packed with more featured galleries.. but before you go, start the conversation about your senior photography today!

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